Darlington County EMS EMT, AEMT, Paramedic, Paramedic Shift Supervisor

Darlington County EMS is accepting application for the following full time and part time positions.  All positions are posted with the annual and hourly rates for full time positions.  After one year of employment you would be eligible for a 2.5% incentive bonus given in November as approved by county council  Hourly rates also listed for part time positions.  Applications must be submitted with a resume and a ten year driving record.  Paramedic shift supervisor posting will close on July 10, 2019.

Paramedic Shift Supervisor- $55,359 annually/ $16.33/hr


Paramedic 24/48 full time- $52,098 annually/ $15.36/hr

Paramedic part time- $15.36-$20.00/hr depending on experience and qualifications.

Paramedic 12 hour full time- $47,806 annually/ $20.44/hr

AEMT 24/48 full time- $38,483 annually/ $11.35/hr (hourly rate for part time)

EMT 24/48 full time- $37,500 annually/ $11.06/hr (hourly rate for part time)


Pee Dee
Certification Level: 
Emergency Medical Technician
Advanced Emergency Medical Technician