Horry County Fire Rescue


This advertisement is for applicants seeking the entry level position of Firefighter/ Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). Under general supervision and the direction of the Chief of Fire Rescue EMS, respond to emergency or medical emergency and non-emergency incidents, promptly and actively carries out the tasks required to perform emergency operations and functions. Tasks include but are not limited to firefighting, rescue operations, medical care, and hazardous materials mitigation. Must be willing to work in all weather conditions, work 24-hour shifts, and work overtime. Under general supervision, the successful candidate will be expected to carry out the tasks required to perform the functions associated with emergency operations. Tasks include, but are not limited to: emergency medical technician (provide pre-hospital care to the level of EMT-Basic), firefighting (entering an immediately dangerous to life or health atmosphere, wearing a full-face respirator, working in extreme environmental conditions, wearing heavy and bulky personal protective equipment, engaging in rigorous physical activity, using specialized tools and equipment), technical rescue operations, and dealing with hazardous materials incidents. Other tasks involve public interaction while assisting in fire prevention and fire education activities, routine station and equipment maintenance and house-keeping duties. Candidates will be expected to work well in a team-oriented atmosphere, be able to receive, understand and carry out orders (both verbal and written), communicate well, project a professional image, maintain a physical fitness level commensurate to the requirements of the job, possess good interpersonal relationship skills and maintain their composure in emergency situations. The expected testing period is the first week of December 2019. The fire training academy is expected to begin mid-to-late January 2020.

Duties for this Position •• Respond in an E-911 Fire, Rescue and Emergency Medical Services system to emergency and non-emergency calls for service. •• Determine and provide basic and/or advanced emergency medical treatment as necessary according to established protocols using appropriate medical equipment and supplies. •• Perform fire suppression duties including laying and connecting hoses, hold and direct a variety of suppression tools, operate chemical fire extinguishers, and raise and climb ground ladders. •• Make forcible entry into buildings, search and rescue, and control traffic around emergency sites as necessary. •• Prevent fire sites from rekindles through proper salvage and overhaul techniques. •• Assist Fire Investigators in investigating fire cause and origin, debris removal, and preservation of evidence. •• Ventilate buildings and conduct overhaul, salvage, and cleanup operations at site. •• Operate a variety of emergency rescue tools and equipment to extricate victims from vehicles, confined spaces, trenches, collapsed buildings, or similar situations. •• Respond to hazardous material incidents; identify the material, determine proper procedures, and mitigate the situation. •• Participate in training activities and drills related to firefighting techniques, emergency medical care, and proper use of apparatus, equipment, and tools; maintain current knowledge of firefighting and medical response techniques and department rules and regulations. •• Performs routine preventative maintenance on equipment, apparatus/vehicles, and facilities. •• Complies with all county/department policies and procedures. •• Completes records, reports and forms as required by the department and/or local, state, and Federal regulations. •• Performs fire prevention and both fire and medical education activities. •• Drives and operates emergency apparatus/vehicles. •• Reports directly to assigned supervisor. •• Performs other related duties as required.

Position Minimum Requirements

High School diploma or equivalent (GED) is required. •• Must have a valid driver’s license. If out of state, must have the ability to obtain a South Carolina driver’s license. •• Must be 18 years of age. •• Must pass required pre-employment NFPA 1582 physical, background check, pre-employment written examination, and job related agility test (JRAT). •• Possession of a current and valid National Registry or South Carolina Emergency Medical Technician certification is preferred, but not required. •• Possession of a Firefighter I Certificate issued by the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC) or National Board on Fire Service Professional Qualification (Pro Board) accredited agency is preferred, but not required. •• Possession of a Firefighter II Certificate issued by the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC) or National Board on Fire Service Professional Qualification (Pro Board) accredited agency is preferred, but not required. •• Associates Degree or higher education is preferred, but not required. •*Applicants must ensure that the email address on their application is valid. All applications selected to test will receive notification by email.

Closing Date (If Any): 
Monday, November 18, 2019
Pee Dee
Certification Level: 
Emergency Medical Technician
Advanced Emergency Medical Technician